<Joann is tough> <Joann always looks mean>

Where you can see her strut her stuff!
Joan the tough Mama hooker of Crack Alley

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Many years ago I had a job where I had to walk between 2 offices daily. I had to walk through a dangerous part of town called crack alley. A lot of girls were on the street selling their bodies to buy $5 hits of crack. Since they saw me every day I befriended many of them. I never took their services, but I did take their pictures. Out of them all Joan was the toughest and slickest. All the other girls called her Mama. I found that underneath the facade of these street tough bitches was a person crying out to be discovered. I don't know if Joan is still alive, but here is a way to preserve her.

  Joan is one tough bitch

Joan had a perfect ass