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<Diane is very intelligent and beautiful too>

This web site is devoted to a woman who was once very shy and insecure about her appearance. She was very self conscious and inhibited when I first met her, and she wore baggy boy shirts and jeans to hide her body, but once I made it known to her that to me she was beyond beautiful her self esteem and confidence in her own appearance increased. She began to wear outfits that revealed her true beauty in all of its splendor. A true joy to behold.

Within a short time a sexual tiger was unleashed and she turned into a nonstop sex machine. She would spend her entire day with me completely naked because she knew that is how I enjoyed seeing her the most. She had the largest and most beautiful pair of breasts I ever held on to. To keep her great beauty hidden away from the world would be a crime against humanity, so here it is for all to enjoy.


<Diane has a beautful smile>

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